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Practice Day 38: Practice Love

Theme/Mantra: “Practice Love”


The Love Cook by Ron Padgett

Let me cook you some dinner.

Sit down and take off your shoes

and socks and in fact the rest

of your clothes, have a daiquiri,

turn on some music and dance

around the house, inside and out,

it’s night and the neighbors

are sleeping, those dolts, and

the stars are shining bright,

and I’ve got the burners lit

for you, you hungry thing.


Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.

Exhale and inhale deeply a few times.

Breathe naturally while you focus on the following idea.

I can cultivate love.

I choose to love.

What does that look like in you today?

Physical Movement:

Knee Hug

Lie on your back.

Bring both knees to your chest.

Encircle your legs with both of your arms and grasp your forearms or wrists (depending on flexibility).

Lightly squeeze your legs.

Gently roll from side to side, massaging your back.

Move your head in the same direction as the roll.

For a variation, place your hands on your knees and part your knees slightly.

Make slow circles with them, massaging your hips and sacrum into the floor.

Allow your movements to be slow and lazy.

Keep your head on the floor for the entirety of the practice.


What do you do at the end of the evening?

Do you reflect on the day? On your actions? Your words? Do you have a ritual of gratitude? Of reflection? A practice of love?

I am more and more convinced- I know of no greater motivator and inspiration for human beings to be better, to do better, to become more -- than… LOVE.

At the end of the evening, have you loved? Have you tried to love well?

Is there anger & frustration in your heart? Or love? Maybe all of that- surely they co-exist. But if there is not love, why? Have you been hurt? Are you afraid? Are you lonely?

All valid reasons to be struggling to love.

But I do believe that love is cultivated. And it has many faces.

So at the end of the evening tonight- what small step can you take to let more love in?

Maybe turn on some music and dance around the house with a daiquiri.

Song: End of the Evening by Nightnoise

At the end of the evening, as the sun is going down

And all the wee song birds are making their last sounds

It's then I'm thinking of you; I close my eyes and see

I long for the moment, when you'll return a chroi

We'll go and watch the waters, and bathe in its bright charms

As the shiny waves of blue and silver roll, I run into your arms

We'll talk all that small town talk, and secrets of the heart

With the twilight all the colours fade and we melt into the dark

I'm thinking of you darlin' in the mornin', noon and night

But especially in the evening when nature seems so bright

Yes, it's then I'm thinking of you in the quiet of my heart

I hold you there a moment as though we'd never part

Until Tomorrow- Peace

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