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Practice Day Four: I am Full of Positive Possibilities

Theme/Mantra: “I am full of positive possibilities!”


The Fledgling by Edna St. Vincent Millay

So, art thou feathered, art thou flown,

Thou naked thing?—and canst alone

Upon the unsolid summer air

Sustain thyself, and prosper there?

Shall no more with anxious note

Advise thee through the happy day,

Thrusting the worm into thy throat,

Bearing thine excrement away?

Alas, I think I see thee yet,

Perched on the windy parapet,

Defer thy flight a moment still

To clean thy wing with careful bill.

And thou are feathered, thou art flown;

And hast a project of thine own.


Find a comfortable space and position to listen and contemplate. Ask yourself … what threshold am I on right now? Of what to what? What is the edge I am standing on, and where will I go next? Listen to what your heart is telling you- your soul.

Physical Movement:


Lie down on the floor with your chin resting, as you look straight ahead in front of you, and your arms down by your sides.

On the inhale, swing your arms out to the side and forward in front of you as you lift your chest up off the ground and reach out in front of you (like superman).

Press your lower abdomen into the ground

On the exhale, return to the relaxed position.

This time, on the inhale, reach forward and lift your chest and stretch your arms forward, but also lift your feet up off the ground, and if possible, your knees, extended each leg behind you, lifting up and back.

On the exhale, return.

Repeat as you wish.


This selection from William Ackerman stirs my soul. It conjures up ideas of - what could be- the possibilities of me. The possibilities for the future. I get a similar feeling when I read The Fledgling by Millay. This idea of taking off- of growing up- of something new, something positive- something to come. With two years of a pandemic under our belts, and the heaviness of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, high inflation, the price of gasoline… yes- Life is very challenging. And yet… there is this life ahead of each of us full of possibilities-- of beauty. Let us explore those possibilities with creativity and openness. Maybe throughout the day we can be like Lewis Carol’s characters and be able to say, “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” I wonder what unexpected positive is on the horizon for you?

Song: The Moment at Which you Must Finally Let go of the Tether That has Held Your Hope Airborn by William Ackerman

Lyrics: (instrumental)

Until Tomorrow- Peace.

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