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Introduction to the 40 Days of Practice

My approach to how I live in the world has come to be embodied in three goals- (1) Cause as little unnecessary harm to myself, (2) to others, and (3) to the living earth around me as possible. I am not perfect, and fall short all the time. But I strive to follow these values in what I say and do and think. This invitation of practices stem from this foundation.

I am choosing to use Lent as an excuse to begin and offer a 40-day practice for anyone interested. Many of us are not Christians, and many of us who are, may not even practice Lent. The practices are created so that anyone from any religious (or lack of religious) connection will still feel comfortable engaging them.

Each day will offer multiple ways to practice a spiritual discipline. There are no rules on how to use these suggestions, but please do whatever works for you. There will be an identified theme/mantra for the day. This will be an idea or a few words that you can carry with you and think on all day as a meditative focus. In addition, there will be a quote, a meditation to sit with in silence, a reflection in my words, an invitation of bodily motion, and a song. I realize we all prefer different ways of nurturing our own spiritual formation, so I am providing a variety of approaches. You can do all or none of them. Whatever is helpful, take it. Whatever is not, move on from it.

I really believe the key to our overall health is working on the integration of our physical bodies, our intellectual awareness, our heart’s emotions, and our intuitive responses to all of the above. If these invitations are useful, please use them.

I have skipped a few Sundays here and there, for you to do something of your own choosing, or to take a day off. All things in moderation, right?

There are no rules here. Skip days. Do the same day over and over. Save this practice for the days of summer. Dance to the songs. Sing the poems. But in all of it, may you be grounded. May you be well. May your soul be well. Perhaps the biggest hope of mine is that you will all take away the understanding and belief that you are not alone. That you have value and worth. That we are all connected.

Note: Some of the Physical Motion and Meditation suggestions are adapted from The Yoga Deck by Olivia H. Miller

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